Type: certification

Period: continuously accessible

Price: free

Access from the current date for 30 days.

Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

Certification allows employees of financial institutions to confirm their knowledge in the field of micro and small enterprise financing, including communication techniques, sales, and micro and small business analysis, as well as knowledge of the credit processes before and after loan disbursement. The online learning and the certification testing take place on the RSBP online platform.
The goal of the certification program is to support financial institutions in the basic training of employees who have just started working with MSE clients. Certification is a tool that confirms that a specialist has knowledge in the field of MSE financing. This certification program will also be useful to experienced staff.

How to get a certificate

Any platform user can participate in the "Micro and Small Enterprise Finance" certification programme.

The certification program includes the study of a number of topics and a final testing, based on which an electronic certificate is issued.

The "Micro and Small Enterprise Finance" programme includes the study of the following courses on the platform:

  • Micro lending basics. The purpose of the course is to transfer knowledge on such topics as: collecting, processing and analyzing information about a small business client; data cross-checking, drawing conclusions, and assessing the actual financial condition of the client.
  • Monitoring of outstanding loans and managing problem loans. The course considers topics such as the system of client and his business monitoring, approaches to the assessment of the current business situation and business development prospects, ways to identify early warning signals about increased risks in the client’s business, as well as the system of measures to be taken in this regard. In addition, the course dwells on the specific approaches to borrowers in the conditions of an economic crisis or general economic downturn.
  • Communication basics. The aim of the course is to expand the participant’s knowledge of communication basics, which is crucial for successful and effective communication.
  • Communication with MSME clients. The course conveys knowledge about how to communicate with clients effectively, and provides the opportunity to develop practical communication skills.

After successful completion of the above courses, an applicant must pass a comprehensive online test on “Micro and Small Enterprise Finance” in order to receive a certificate.

The platform will allow an applicant to sign up for the certification test only after successful completion of all the courses listed above.

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