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Approaches used for the acquisition and servicing of clients belonging to different segment groups have significant differences both in terms of organization and planning of client acquisition events, and in terms of preparing a concrete specialist for the process of client acquisition and communication.

In the case of larger clients, client acquisition is a place for cooperation where the parties lay a foundation for their partnership relations. On this stage, the financial institution must convince the client that the financial institution is a suitable partner for him, which means that the client can rely on the institution to offer the client a range of services on acceptable terms that the client needs today or may need in the future.

An employee involved in the acquisition of such clients should be a highly-qualified specialist who can give advice to clients who are seeking the best solution to meet their needs.  Client acquisition and retention for long-term service is a logical outcome of a well-planned client interaction and relationship-building through advice.

This course primarily targets specialists who are willing to work with the larger clients segment and want to master the specifics of micro, small and medium-sized business client acquisition.

The focus of this training course is on teaching how to identify and acquire suitable clients for financial institutions, build long-term client relationships and how to reach out to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as on the differences between the mass sales approach that applies to retail, micro and small-small clients and the approaches that apply to larger clients.

This training course includes two lessons:

Lesson 1. Characteristics of clients of different segment groups and their expectations

Lesson 2. Client acquisition algorithm for different segment groups

We hope that this course will be interesting and useful for you. We wish you to apply this knowledge in practice as soon as possible! Follow our updates on the Knowledge Sharing and Exchange Platform and gain new knowledge, both on sales, and other topics centered on the MSME client segment.

The average duration of the course is 2 weeks. Each lesson takes 45 minutes on average. We recommend studying one or maximum two lessons per week.