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Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

The Course “Introduction to corporate governance and risk management” is intended for a wide range of students, for managers of various levels, in particular employees of financial organizations who want to get a general and broad view of the corporate governance system and the risk management system. Risk management is a necessary part of the corporate governance system. Effective corporate governance and effective risk management make the organization stronger and more sustainable, which in turn increases its investment attractiveness.

For convenience, the course is divided into three thematic lessons.

The first lesson of the course is devoted to corporate governance. During the course, you will study the following topics:
•    What is corporate governance?
•    Effects of corporate governance implementation;
•    Basic principles of effective corporate governance.

The second lesson is devoted to the concept of risk and provides answers to the following questions:
•    What is risk?
•    What is risk management?
•    Who controls the risks?
•    Why is risk management necessary?
•    What are the main benefits of risk management?

The third lesson is devoted to the aspects of risk management in financial institutions. As you study this lesson, you will learn about:
•    three levels of risk management in a financial institution;
•    the three lines of defense concept in risk management
•    COSO ERM, an international standard in the field of risk management

Based on the results of their studies of all topics, users will be offered to take the final test.