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Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

Probably you are asking yourself why you should undergo communication training. After all, all of us spend virtually all our life communicating and, therefore, assume that we know what we are doing.

But – in one form or an other – communication training is a mandatory part of nearly all training that employees of financial institutions have to undergo. Why?

The reason is simple: while all of us communicate on a daily basis this does not mean that all of us are always communicating very well or very effectively. Most of you will have played Chinese whispers (also known as telephone) as children and, most certainly, almost all of you will have encountered situations where you were misunderstood because of s.th. you said or did or just because of the way you looked.

In your work at a financial institution, working with clients is part of your job. This sounds easy, but in fact – as you may have already realized - effective communication with clients is much harder than it sounds.

In the following course, we raise awareness regarding communication fundamentals that are of crucial importance in making communication successful and effective.

At the end of this course you should have a better understanding of how you can find rapport with others, avoid misunderstandings and how you can use different methods to retrieve and deliver information in an effective and successful manner.

Obviously, communication fundamentals hold true in principle, so you can also employ the methods etc. you will learn here for all of your communication.

The average duration of the course is 2-3 weeks. Each lesson takes 45 minutes on average. We recommend studying one or maximum two lessons per week.