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Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

Who has to be a good presenter? Who has to make a professional, yet cordial impression? Who has to be sincere, short and clear in answering questions? And who has to be primarily a good listener?

The loan officer, the client relationship manager or other frontline personnel tasked with acquiring clients and screening potential clients.

Prerequisite: “Communication basics” course

Good communication skills are essential in nearly any business. The financial service industry is not an exception.

Financial institutions are service providers and clients are usually the key source of profit for them. It is important to be able to deal with different types of clients, leave a good impression with all clients the institution deals with, but be effective in identifying, acquiring and retaining all eligible clients and offer them a perspective for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Obviously, this includes profit generation for the financial institution. This also means that loan officers, client relationship managers or other front office staff, tasked with acquiring and retaining clients, have to know how to understand a client and elicit the necessary information to be able to identify the client’s needs and potential in an effective and efficient way.

So, in this course, you will learn how to communicate with clients effectively and practice communication skills.

The average duration of the course is 2 weeks. Each lesson takes 45 minutes on average. We recommend studying one or maximum two lessons per week.