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Welcome to the “Train the trainer” course!

This course will help you understand what it means to train and be a trainer. The course explores all stages of a training - before, during and after the training, including the most important concepts, methods and tools.

From this course, you will take away the following:

• What does it mean to be a trainer of adult learners?
• What is training in general and what is the participatory approach to training?
• How can you develop a training based on the specific learning objectives for your participants?
• What are the different methods of training delivery?
• How to deal with difficult participants in a classroom?
• What are the effective ways of training evaluation?

The course is targeted at employees of financial institutions who already work as trainers and have a basic trainer qualifications, as well as those who plan to become trainers in the near future (usually within the next 3-6 months).

These concepts are covered by four topics:

Topic 1. Effective classroom training: what is participatory/interactive training, i.e. training which is based on the principle of active involvement of participants in the training process (hereinafter – “the participatory/interactive training approach", how participants learn and behave in the learning environment, and what it means to be a trainer.

Topic 2. Designing a training: How to assess the training needs of your audience in the most effective way, how to establish the learning objectives for your participants, and how to prepare a training using various tools.

Topic 3. Training preparation: Here we give you useful tips and best practice examples of how to open, conduct and wrap up a training; and examples of how to manage difficult participants.

Topic 4. Training evaluation: How to evaluate a training and its results in the course of the training and thereafter.

We hope that the time you devote to this course will allow you to understand what it means to be an effective trainer and how to develop and conduct training sessions with a lasting effect!

The course includes 21 lessons, grouped into four topics. Upon completion of each topic, you can take a self-test which will prepare you for the final test. At the end of the course, you will be offered to take the final test. Based on the final test results, an electronic certificate of the course completion will be generated.

Each lesson is designed for 35-40 minutes of work. We recommend you to study three lessons per week.