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Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

The purpose of this course, "Introduction to EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy”, is to introduce EBRD’s environmental and social (E&S) policy and  the main steps of EBRD’s E&S risk management procedures to users, in particular those procedures that concern Micro and Small and Medium-sized enterprise (SME) loans. EBRD developed its E&S risk management procedures to help financial institutions better manage the risks that may arise from environmental and social risks associated with the projects they finance.

The course targets a broad variety of employees of financial institutions ranging from experts reviewing applications to managers taking final loan decisions. The course will be of special interest for lending units working with sole proprietors, micro business entities and SMEs.

Having studied the course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of E&S risk management for businesses
  • Know how Environmental and Social (E&S) risks E&S risks affect the activities of financial institutions
  • Know the EBRD’s recommendations on E&S risk management for financial institutions in their different activities
  • Know the main steps of the EBRD E&S risk management procedures for Micro and SME  loans
  • Consolidate the new knowledge by studying practical cases on Micro and SME loans

The course consists of four lessons. At the end of the course, you will be offered the opportunity to take the final test. If you pass the final test, an electronic statement of successful course completion will be generated.