Type: online

Period: continuously accessible

Price: free

Access from the current date for 60 days.

Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

This course is dedicated to the study of basic techniques for recognizing and managing your own and the emotions of others. The course provides practical advice for increasing emotional competence when interacting with colleagues, friends, and, of course, when serving MSME clients

Purpose of the course:

  • study the basic concepts of emotional intelligence: features, models, methods and techniques for managing emotions
  • teach participants to conduct a self-diagnosis of own emotions, recognize and manage the emotions of others (focus on relationships with MSME clients)
  • increase personal effectiveness of course participants in serving MSME clients

The course consists of 8 lessons grouped into 4 topics. Each lesson is designed for 35-40 minutes of study.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be offered to undergo a final test. In case of successfully completing the test, an electronic statement of completion will be generated.

Enjoy the course and learn more about how to recognize and manage emotions!