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The quality of lending decisions for businesses, including those engaged in construction, depends on how competently information is collected, how financial statements are read, and how well analytical statements are compiled and analysed.
This course deals with the specifics of financial analysis tools, the analysis and compilation of financial statements of clients in the construction business.

The course targets a wide range of specialists and middle managers of financial institutions serving clients operating in the construction industry.

The course consists of four lessons:
Lesson 1. Specifics of balance sheet analysis.
Lesson 2. Assessing profitability of a construction business.
Lesson 3. Cost estimates. What types of cost estimates (budgets) exist? How can you use cost estimate documentation in your own calculations?
Lesson 4. Compiling a Cash Flow Statement.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Consider the specifics of construction business when processing balance sheet figures or drawing up an analytical balance sheet.
  • Form balance sheet items, subject to the specifics of the construction field.
  • Analyse Profit and Loss Statements provided by your clients and/or compile your own analytical statements in cases where clients are not required to submit a P&L by law.
  • Use recommendations on compiling/adjusting a P&L for both a small business and a business with more complicated business processes.
  • Determine a period for which a P&L should be analysed (adjusted/compiled).
  • Use costing data on construction projects for analysis purposes.
  • Analyse Cash Flow Statements provided by the client and/or prepare your own analytical statement.

At the end of the course, you will be asked to take a final test. Based on the test results, an electronic course completion certificate will be generated.

Each lesson is designed for 30-35 minutes of study on average. It is recommended to study no more than one or two lessons per week.