Type: workshop

Period: continuously accessible

Price: free

Access from the current date for 60 days.

Education is accessible for financial organizations in the region.

This online tutorial is designed to allow learners further consolidate knowledge gained when undergoing the online course "Microlending basics" and apply theoretical knowledge in practice. This tutorial focuses on "Data cross-checking" and "Financial Ratios".

The objectivesof this tutorial are to:

  • strengthen knowledge about main financial ratios;
  • deepen knowledge about the comparative analysis of owner’s equity;
  • expand knowledge about different data cross-checking tools;
  • allow learners to practice the calculation and analysis of financial ratios, the comparative analysis of equity and how to cross-check data.

The assignments used in the tutorial were developed based on real business cases collected from the MSE lending practices of different countries. All monetary units used in the assignments are nominal and not associated with any specific currency.

This tutorial includes six tasks. Upon completion of the tutorial, you can take a self-test. As the tutorial is designed to supplement the course ‘Microlending Basics’, no separate certificate of completion will be issued.

To complete the assignments, you will need calculators.