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The process of sales is an art resting on fundamental theories, numerous studies, and ongoing practice. The goal of this course is to help you master this skill and become an excellent sales expert.

The course covers three key topics. The first part introduces you to the basics of sales, featuring possible interests and motives of buyers and sellers, the main sales channels, etc., as well as the specificity of selling financial products and services to consider. The second topic outlines the differences in sales to clients of micro, small and medium-sized businesses and the underlying reasons; it also includes case studies on how to conduct an individual meeting with the representatives of these segments. The third topic describes sales approaches and techniques that will help you establish contact with a client, make an effective presentation, answer questions and respond to objections, and close the deal.

The target audience of the course: loan officers, client acquisition managers, department managers, and other staff directly involved in attracting, selling, and serving clients.