Author: RSBP CA
Date of publication: 05-05-2022
Access: Public

The focus of this RSBP Professional Knowledge Exchange (PKE) meeting was on strategies for diversifying a leasing company’s product offering and discussed strategic and operational considerations that leasing companies should assess in planning their diversification strategies.

Essentially, in addition to a classic bank loan, leasing is considered as a key tool to finance MSMEs, most notably for the acquisition of fixed assets such as transportation. Within today’s context of the modernisation of MSME’s equipment and the acquisition of energy efficient equipment, leasing is positioned to play an increasingly important role for MSMEs across Central Asia.  These needs go beyond simple financing of cars for companies.

The meeting was led by Mr James Gorham, CFA, an international leasing expert with more than 15 years work experience in leasing companies in CIS countries.

Video recording is available in Russian language.


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