Picture: why gender matters?

The coronavirus pandemic is posing a grave threat to small and growing businesses around the world. Women entrepreneurs make vital contributions to their local economies and are particularly vulnerable to the economic effects of the pandemic.

Financial institutions responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

The future of capitalism post Covid-19 crisis

“Will the coronavirus pandemic change capitalism forever? Could such changes lead to economies and societies which are more cohesive, inclusive and fairer than those of the recent past?

Pocket Dilemmas

EBRD published a new episode of its Pocket Dilemmas podcast on “What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for gender inequality?”. Guest speakers and presenters discuss the effects of the pandemic on women and men.

The podcast can be accessed in English via the following link.

Image: EBRD. Pocket Dilemmas

Maintaining Banking System Safety amid the COVID-19 Crisis

IMF published a new blog, which is part of a special series on the response to the coronavirus.

What Is Stress Testing?

“Stress tests typically cover solvency – whether banks have enough capital to absorb losses – and liquidity, whether they have enough cash to pay out their deposits and other debts. Let’s say a bank loses $1 billion when house prices drop by 50 percent. The bank can survive – remain solvent – if its capital is $10 billion but not if it is $1 billion. What if a bank’s depositors panic and suddenly withdraw $50 million? If the bank is unable to borrow money to replace those deposits, it can survive if it owns assets, such as government bonds, that it can sell quickly.“

The document is available for download via the following links in English and Russian languages.


Women, Business and the Law 2020

This World Bank publication analyses how law and regulations affect the economic inclusion of women across the globe. Eight various indicators are used to demonstrate differences from country to country. These indicators are Mobility, Workplace, Pay, Marriage, Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, Assets, Pension.